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Step 4: Downloading a program to your Virtual robot


This video shows you how to use the Measurment tools in Robot Virtual Worlds to use a math-based approach to solving programming challenges, instead of guessing-and-checking. This video is part of the Introduction to Programming VEX IQ Curriculum.



  1. Open up ROBOTC Graphical by double clicking on the ROBOTC Graphical icon.
  2. Go to the Window Menu > Select Virtual World to use > Virtual IQ Challenge Pack.
  3. Press Compile and Download.
  4. Log in to CS2N or a local account.
  5. Choose a robot in the Virtual World.
  6. Choose Basic Movement > First Program > Start Challenge
  7. To run the program, press the Play button.
  8. To return to the start position, press the reset button.

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NOTE: Robot Virtual Worlds requires ROBOTC 3.0 or higher

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