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New Versions of RVW Curriculum and Competition Tables

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The Robot Virtual World team has a fresh round of updates available for you. We’ve listened to your feedback and have made some changes to our Curriculum Companion, Sack Attack, and Ring It Up virtual worlds. Read on for more details!

What’s new in the Curriculum Companion 2.2.4:

  • Adjusted the NXT – Obstacle Course table to more closely meet the level specifications
  • Adjusted the VEX – Robo Slalom 2 table to give more room between the lines and obstacles
  • Adjusted the Camera 2 View of the VEX – Minefield Retrieval Challenge

What’s new in VEX Sack Attack 1.5.1:

  • Resolved a bug where motor values were being overwritten

What’s new in Ring It Up 1.5.1:

  • Resolved a bug where motor values were being overwritten
  • Adjusted robot models to drive straighter
  • Adjusted sensor and encoder behavior
  • Improved the gripper-ring interaction behavior

Thanks again for the feedback, and keep it coming. You can post it to the Robot Virtual Worlds section of the ROBOTC Forums.

Written by Jesse Flot

November 19th, 2012 at 4:54 pm

RVW Sneak Peek!

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We want to thank everyone who has been using our Robot Virtual World software and providing valuable feedback. Just so you know we’re listening, here are some of the major improvements that will be coming soon!

We had to do an overhaul of our infrastructure, but our VEX Sack Attack and FTC Ring it Up competition tables now support encoders on each joint! Here’s a screenshot of the Sensor and Motor Debug windows – look at all those inputs and outputs!

FTC Ring it Up!
Every NXT and TETRIX Motor on the robots is now equipped with an encoder. Due to several requests, we’ve also replaced the Compass Sensor with a Gyroscope! (Click the picture to enlarge)

VEX Sack Attack
Like the Ring it Up table, we’ve added encoders to the “shoulder” motors on Scooperbot and Clawbot. We also added a potentiometer to the scooper on Scooperbot, and Gyroscopes on all three of the robot models! (Click the picture to enlarge)

These are just some of the major improvements we’ve made in the competition tables. We’ve made lots of other great ones that you’ll just have to wait to see. :)

Keep an eye on our blog for their public availability, scheduled for the very beginning of November.

Written by Jesse Flot

October 25th, 2012 at 5:26 pm

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RVW Update: FTC Ring It Up v1.2 Now Available!

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UPDATE: Version 1.2.2 of the Ring It Up virtual world is now available, which includes additional starting points and memory management improvements.

We’re happy to announce a MASSIVE update to this year’s virtual world for FTC Ring It Up! Download it here, or on the RVW Level Packs download page. Read on to find out what’s new.

Support for the IR Seeker and IR Beacon

  • As the title implies, the IR Seeker and IR Beacon are both emulated in this new version. From the robot selection screen, you can choose whether your want your robot to start with the Compass or IR Seeker.
  • The IR Beacon is randomly placed along one of the three columns, just like the real game.
  • We’ve even added a cool, new “Sensor View” mode so you can see how the robot is detecting the IR Seeker, Sonar, and Compass values.
  • Additional sample programs for using the IR Seeker are also installed with the update, and can be downloaded here.


  • Both Scissorbot and Gripperbot can be pre-loaded with a striped ring!
  • You can control what side the robot starts on, the color of it’s pre-loaded ring, and enable the autonomous duration all from the main menu.

Automatic Scoring

  • Scoring is fully implemented in this new version.
  • Concepts like the weighted rings, owning pegs, line score bonuses and corner goal bonuses are all simulated.
  • Cool, new timer and scoreboard in the top-left corner of the window. Compete with your classmates or teammates to see who can get the highest score before time runs out!

Additional Enhancements

  • We’ve improved the lighting and contrast of the game, making it easier to grab and score the rings.
  • Improved robot-to-ring interaction and control.
  • Lots of small tweaks and adjustments.

To view the original post for the FTC Ring It Up virtual world (complete with video), visit this link.

Written by Jesse Flot

September 14th, 2012 at 4:53 pm

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FTC Ring It Up Virtual World v1.0 Now Available!

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The Robot Virtual World team is proud to announce their initial release of the FTC Ring It Up! virtual environment, just in time for kickoff! This year’s virtual competition field features two new robots designed specifically for the game; the Scissorbot and the Gripperbot. The robots are completely programmable in ROBOTC and even use the same Logitech USB Remote Control as the real world competition, allowing teams to refine their programming skills, practice driving, and form gameplay strategies well in advance of their first matches.

Note that the new features in the virtual world require the latest version of ROBOTC, version 3.50.

Here’s a video of the Ring It Up! virtual world in action:

New Robots
TETRIX Scissorbot features 4 driving motors, a scissor lift and a LEGO gripper:

The Scissorbot gripper is best at picking up tubes parallel to its gripper.

TETRIX Gripperbot features 2 driving motors, and arm motor and a LEGO gripper:

The gripper on Gripperbot is best at picking up tubes perpendicular to its gripper.

User Interface
The new and improved user interface allows you to switch between the robots, choose different starting positions, and tells you where the growing list of motors and sensors are connected:

Controlling the Robots
Sample code for programming the robots to move autonomously or via a Logitech USB Remote is installed with the level pack. It can also be downloaded here.

Don’t have a Logitech USB Remote Control? No Problem! We’ve also added keyboard control for the robots when a ROBOTC program isn’t running! The controls are as follows:

  • W” key: Robot moves forward
  • A” key: Robot turns left
  • S” key: Robot moves in reverse
  • D” key: Robot turns right
  • {” key: Gripper Closes
  • }” key: Gripper Opens
  • ;” (semicolon) key: Wrist motor up
  • ” (single quote) key: Wrist motor down
  • <” key: Scissor lift / Arm motor up
  • >” key: Scissor lift / Arm motor down

Driver Camera View
Check out Camera view 4 to practice driving the new virtual robots from the same perspective you’ll use in the competition.

Future Enhancements!
We’re extremely excited about this release, but we’re not done yet. Check out some of the enhancements that are on their way!

  • Addition of “Autonomous Rings” pre-loaded on the robots
  • Emulation of the IR Sensor and IR Beacon
  • Dynamically calculated scoring

The FTC Ring It Up! virtual world can be downloaded here, or under the Available Level Packs section of the RVW Download Page.

Written by Jesse Flot

September 8th, 2012 at 1:56 pm

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