The VEX and VEX IQ Programming Skills Challenge for Robot Virtual Worlds 2017

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Robomatter, VEX Robotics, and the REC Foundation are excited to present low cost, high quality virtual competitions that enable students to test their problem solving and programming skills in the VEX Starstruck and VEX IQ Crossover Robot Virtual World Competitions. And, not only do these virtual competitions provide a great learning experience, you could also qualify for the 2017 VEX Worlds Championship!!

This Year’s Games

Both games simulate the single-player Robot Skills and Programming Skills modes of the physical Starstruck and Crossover competitions. However, only the Programming Skills modes of the Virtual simulations are awarded prizes. To participate in the competition, you must update your Robot Virtual World software.



In the Starstruck Robot Virtual Worlds Competition, your goal is to score as many stars and cubes in your zones. You then must hang your robot on your hanging bar.




For the Crossover Robot Virtual Worlds Competition, you must pick up the hexballs, score them in their colored scoring area, and then balance on the bridge.


Winners Qualify for VEX Worlds!


The winners of the Robomatter sponsored VEX Starstruck and VEX IQ Crossover Virtual World competition will receive an invitation to the VEX World Championship April 19-25, 2017 at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville Kentucky!

Important Deadlines:

  • Submissions for both contests are due by January 11, 2017.
  • Winners will be announced by February 1, 2017

To learn more about the VEX and VEX IQ Programming Skills Challenge for Robot Virtual Worlds, visit and visit to sign up!