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We want to thank everyone who has been using our Robot Virtual World software and providing valuable feedback. Just so you know we’re listening, here are some of the major improvements that will be coming soon!

We had to do an overhaul of our infrastructure, but our VEX Sack Attack and FTC Ring it Up competition tables now support encoders on each joint! Here’s a screenshot of the Sensor and Motor Debug windows – look at all those inputs and outputs!

FTC Ring it Up!
Every NXT and TETRIX Motor on the robots is now equipped with an encoder. Due to several requests, we’ve also replaced the Compass Sensor with a Gyroscope! (Click the picture to enlarge)

VEX Sack Attack
Like the Ring it Up table, we’ve added encoders to the “shoulder” motors on Scooperbot and Clawbot. We also added a potentiometer to the scooper on Scooperbot, and Gyroscopes on all three of the robot models! (Click the picture to enlarge)

These are just some of the major improvements we’ve made in the competition tables. We’ve made lots of other great ones that you’ll just have to wait to see. :)

Keep an eye on our blog for their public availability, scheduled for the very beginning of November.

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October 25th, 2012 at 5:26 pm

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