Robot Virtual World Level Builder v. 1.0 Now Available!


The project that you’ve all been waiting for is here at last! We are thrilled to announce that our first version of the Robot Virtual World Level Builder is now available. Configure your own levels out of a wide selection of classroom-themed assets: balls, cylinders, boxes, walls, line tracking tiles, and more. Challenge yourself, or share your levels with students, classmates, or teammates. It’s a free download for all ROBOTC for RVW users, so what are you waiting for?

Once you have the Level Builder installed, you can launch it within ROBOTC by going to Window > Open RVW Level Builder Utility. (Note that you must have ROBOTC 3.50 or newer installed, and that Virtual Worlds must be selected as your Platform Type.)

The Level Builder will appear with two options: CREATE and PLAY.

  • Use CREATE to configure your own virtual world level out of classroom themed assets.
  • Use PLAY to program a virtual robot to complete a level generated in CREATE mode.

In CREATE mode, you’re presented with a blank 12’x12′ table just waiting for you to fill it with objects.

  • Drag-and-drop cubes, cylinders, balls, walls, and line tracking tiles onto the table to configure your level.
  • Use the PROPERTIES panel to adjust the orientation of the objects.
  • Zoom in and out on the table using the slider in the bottom right.
  • Your virtual robot will always start on the START tile, facing out.
  • Be creative!!!

Once you’ve configured the table to your heart’s content, save it, and press PLAY.

From there, you’ll be brought to the Level and Robot selection screen.

  • SELECT LEVEL will automatically be populated with the table that you just configured.
  • Additional demo levels are included in the download.
  • Choose from several available robots, each with their details listed on the screen.
  • Press START LEVEL to load your level with the currently selected robot.

Your level will load with the robot that you selected.

  • Compile and Download ROBOTC code to solve the challenge.
  • Switch quickly between BUILD MODE and LEVEL SELECTION as you create your perfect level.
  • USE the “WASD” keys to easily check out the level before writing code or passing it on to your students or fellow classmates.

More instructions, details, and videos are coming soon! We would love to hear what you think of the Level Builder, so let us know! Any feedback and suggestions are welcome. Most of all, have fun!

Need help getting up and running with ROBOTC for RVW? Check here for setup instructions. Not already a ROBOTC for RVW user? Download a free 60-day trial right now.

Written by Jesse Flot

September 19th, 2012 at 5:07 pm