Three New, Unique VEX Creations

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We’re always happy to see ‘outside-the-box’ robotics inventions, so when we were contacted by a local high school teacherĀ  (Dana Clay from Baldwin-Whitehall School District) with a couple of youtube videos, we were more than curious to see what his class had cooked up. We were not let down. The first video shows a VEX contraption that shoots ping-pong balls through a pipe “hoop” with surprising accuracy. It even has a degree of human interaction; the light sensor can be covered/uncovered to control how far the attached arm rotates.

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The second video is a very cool movie of a VEX-built robot typing “I LOVE ROBOTS” on a keyboard. Robots controlling computers; now that’s an awesome idea!

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The final video is of a looped track with a VEX tank tread/catapult combo providing the upwards momentum to keep things rolling smoothly. This is the Ball That Never Stops, people, and it has a catapult; how can you not love it? All three were programmed in ROBOTC, of course. Enjoy!

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Written by John Watson

September 11th, 2012 at 5:51 pm