VEX Sack Attack Virtual World v1.0 Now Available!


The Robot Virtual World team is proud to announce their initial release of the VEX Sack Attack virtual environment! This years competition field features a higher level of interactivity and simulation than ever before. Several new robots (with expanded motors and sensors) designed specifically for Sack Attack have been added to the line-up, and are fully programmable through ROBOTC.

Note that the new features in the virtual world also require that you have the latest Beta version of ROBOTC installed, which is available here.

Here’s a video of the Sack Attack virtual world in action:

New Robots
Check out Scooperbot scoring Sacks and Bonus Sacks in the Trough and High Goal:

And Plowbot pushing Sack and Bonus Sacks into the Floor Goals:

User Interface
The new and improved user interface allows you to switch between the robots, and tells you where the growing list of motors and sensors are connected:

Controlling the Robots
Sample code for programming the robots to move autonomously or via a Logitech USB Remote control can be downloaded here: Sack_Attack_Sample_Code.

Don’t have a Logitech USB Remote Control? No Problem! We’ve also added keyboard control for the robots when a ROBOTC program isn’t running! The controls are as follows:

  • “W” key: Robot moves forward
  • “A” key: Robot turns left
  • “S” key: Robot moves in reverse
  • “D” key: Robot turns right
  • “{” key: Scooper motor up
  • “}” key: Scooper motor down
  • “<” key: Arm motor up
  • “>” key: Arm Motor down

Future Enhancements!
We’re extremely excited about this release, but we’re not done yet. Check out some of the enhancements that are on their way!

More robots! Clawbot:

Holobot with claw:

Improved Sack physics, and Robot-to-Sack Interaction:

The VEX Sack Attack virtual world can be downloaded here, or under the Available Level Packs section of the RVW Download Page.

Important! The new features in the virtual world also require that you have the latest version of Beta version of ROBOTC installed, available here. Don’t have ROBOTC for Robot Virtual Worlds? It comes with a free 60-day trial, so download it today. Need help getting it set up? Check out the setup videos, here.

Written by Jesse Flot

August 23rd, 2012 at 4:40 pm