RC Car to Arduino Robot – Cars have arrived!

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The RC cars for the Arduino guided project to convert an RC car into a robot have arrived.

We tried to select cars with various features, sizes, prices, and body designs in an attempt to get a good sample of the insides of RC cars. In the end we selected the following six RC cars.

Team Losi 1/36th scale Micro-T RTR RC Stadium Truck - $86.58

New Bright RC Interceptor - $38.24

Nakamichi Racer 1/24th scale Off-Road RC Car - $29.99

Maisto RC 1/24th scale Lamborghini Reventon - $16.55

Hot Wheels RC Ken Block Gymkhana RC Rally Car - $41.25

Blue Hat 2-pack RC Micro Race Car set - $17.95

The Listed prices are from Amazon

Time to do some testing followed by some deconstruction, surgery, and hacking on these soon to be robots!

Written by Jacob Palnick

June 6th, 2012 at 9:03 am

Posted in Arduino