ROBOTC for Arduino Public BETA Released!


Just in time for summer, the ROBOTC dev-team has released the first Public BETA of “ROBOTC for Arduino”. The Arduino is a cool, low-cost embedded controller board that is great for learning the basics of robotics, electronics and creative engineering.

The new version of ROBOTC has support for all of the popular official Arduino boards – Diecimila, Duemilanove, Uno, MEGA 1280 and MEGA 2560.

All of the ROBOTC features you’ve come to know and love have been brought to the Arduino, including easy motor and sensor control, the powerful ROBOTC debugger, sample program library, and many other features.

ROBOTC for Arduino

ROBOTC for the Arduino will be free for use all summer long, so visit and start using the Arduino with ROBOTC!

IF you’re looking to purchase an Arduino, we strongly recommend you check out for everything Arduino and cool accessories!

Note: The ROBOTC for Arduino 3.12 build is still compatible with the NXT and Cortex versions of ROBOTC. Your existing installations will be upgraded to 3.12, but you will be able to use the NXT, Cortex, and Arduino all in the same version of ROBOTC.

Main Documentation/Support Page:

Installing Drivers:

Getting Started (Installing Firmware/Samples):

Link to Forums for Arduino:

Written by Tim Friez

May 11th, 2012 at 4:27 pm