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ROBOTC 3.04 is now available!

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Hi all,

We’ve just released ROBOTC 3.04. Head on over to the download pages to download the latest version!

Change log:

  1. Fixed silent updater bug
  2. Modified sensor scale and full count settings for gyros for VEX PIC.
  3. Eliminated deprecated warning for “#pragma platform”. Remove warning on “#pragma competition”
  4. dited BuiltInVariables.txt to include Battery & Power Control category, including 3 new entries for VEX battery level.
  5. Added intrinsic to ROBOTCIntrinsics to return BackupBatterLevel value.
  6. Corrected BuiltInVariables.txt to prevent displayLCDPos from appearing in “Undefined Entries”
  7. Updated BuiltInVariables.txt to reflect additions to VEX Display commands
  8. Modified RobotCIntrinsics.c setLCDPos command to “setLCDPosition”
  9. Merge fixes from 32Bit branch for >160 subroutines.
  10. Rebuild VEX firmware files because they were out of date.
  11. Change text for button on VEX remote screen from “Enter” to “Center”.
  12. Support on Prolific cables for workaround to protocol errors for IFI defined special Cortex messages. Previously was only implemented on integrated USB-to-Serial.
  13. Correct incorrect code generation for a parameter “call by reference” variable which is itself a “call by reference” variable.
  14. Add new intrinsics for VEX LCD to specify line and char position of the “Put”. Add alias “setLCDPos” for “displayLCDPos”
  15. Bump version to 9.04 / 3.04. Rebuild firmware.
  16. Eliminate NXT EXE encrypted file headers. It causes a bug with >160 subroutines on NXT. Need to rebuild NXT firmware to support this change.
  17. When return statement from a “non void” function is unreachable because function contains an infinite loop compiler used to generate an error message that “No return statement from non-void function”. Now it generates a warning that an infinite loop prevents return.
  18. Timer values on VEX (and NXT) were incorrectly truncated to 16-bits instead of preserving the 32-bit value.
  19. Incorrect code generation for assignments when the expression is a compound expression and it uses an intrinsic function that refers to the ‘l-value” of the assignment.
  20. Fixed Licensing System but when deactivating any product but ROBOTC for Mindstorms and it was the only product in the list.
  21. Hid two options in the “NXT Brick” menu to prevent crashing when in RVW mode
  22. Fixed an issue where the “Toggle Comment” button may crash ROBOTC when used near the beginning and end of a file.
  23. Fixed an issue where the “View” menu on the NXT was displaying incorrect data with the NXT Encoders.
  24. You can now drag/drop files to the ROBOTC application and also associate .c and .h files with ROBOTC.

Written by Vu Nguyen

October 10th, 2011 at 4:05 pm