Lego George the Giant Robot


[Thank you burf2000 from our forums for contributing this project!]

LEGO George the Giant Robot

LEGO George the Giant Robot

I present to you…

LEGO George the Giant Robot!

He moves, he dances, he can grab things… What CAN’T HE DO!?

This latest creation from burf2000 stands 5’7″ tall, and is a fully functional 5 foot 7″ robot.

He is controlled via a PlayStation 2 controller, he can move about, rotate his upper body, move his arms / shoulders and grab on to items. His head also rotates, moves up and down and if you get too close, his eyes will rotate.

Video of LEGO George:

I asked burf2000 some questions about his robot:

What inspired you to build this robot?

“I have always loved robotics and so Lego for me was a medium to build it in, I built another large robot last year but was not so successful. That one was based off T1 from Terminator 3. I wanted to keep things simple on this one due to size. It weights around 20KG. I also loved the Short-circuit films (johnny 5).”

How long did it take to make?

“This one took around 3 months of the odd evenings and days, We just had a baby (my wife) so getting time has been quite hard. However my wife is very supportive and knew I needed to build this for a show. (”

What are your future plans with the robot?

“Glad you asked this, currently I am improving certain parts of this which I am not happy with like shoulder joints, main bearing and turning. Once they are done, I am going to build a second robot to keep him company. Its going to be another large one, using more NXT’s and hopefully will go round on his own. My aim is to get a whole display of large robots moving around and interacting with each other.”

I thank you, burf2000, for submitting LEGO George. We can’t wait to see his successor!

More Photos

LEGO George's neckClose up

The whole photo set can be found on burf2000’s Flickr page

Written by Vu Nguyen

October 6th, 2011 at 1:04 pm

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