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FTC Bowled Over and VEX Gateway Challenge Virtual Worlds

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The ROBOTC team modified both the FTC Bowled Over and VEX Gateway Challenge Virtual Worlds to include four different starting positions and improved physics.  Each robot challenge has four different starting positions. The new options in the virtual worlds are designed to allow the team’s programmers to begin their path planning for the autonomous portion of the challenge while the rest of the team completes the robot.  Teams will be able to begin to build robot behaviors like straight for a number of encoder counts,  turning a specific angle, linetracking, forward until sonar or touch sensor before their actual robot is complete.

You can see a simple example of the FTC Bowled Over Robot Virtual World here:

YouTube Direct Link 

and the VEX Gateway Challenge here:

YouTube Direct Link 

The Robot Virtual World simulator only works in ROBOTC 3.0 or later. Learn more about Robot Virtual Worlds here:

Written by Robin Shoop

September 17th, 2011 at 2:59 pm

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