Eric’s “Project Scout”


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The concept

The robots are ready

Project Scout is a project that Eric has been working on for months. Originally, he wanted to combine obstacle avoidance with multi-robot communication.

The goal of Project Scout is to have one “scout” robot, outfitted with sensors, find its way out of a maze, and then tell a second, “blind” robot, not outfitted with sensors, how to solve the maze. The end result would be two robots  finding their way out of a maze by communicating and working together.

The result

Here is the video of a successful run with two robots:

Proof of Concept

Project Scout did come with several milestones. Here’s one of the first videos of the project. Robot1 (on the left) chooses a random number greater than 720 encoder clicks, and then sets that number as the encoder target. Robot1 then goes forward for that X amount of encoder clicks and upon completion sends its recorded encoder values to Robot2(on the right). Finally, just as Robot1 did, Robot2 then travels forward for the same X amount of encoder clicks sent to it by Robot1. Thus both robots travel the same distance, which proves that robot to robot communication as well as the coordination of forward movement is possible.

Continuing on…

Eric says “But there’s still some work to be done. I am currently working on transferring the communication in the code to utilize ROBOTC’s new multi-robot library and Dexter Industries’ NXTBee radios, which will allow a lot more capabilities and add a lot of versatility to Project Scout. In the future, I plan on adding an additional robot so I can have 3 robots solve the maze!”

Great project and keep up the great work!

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August 1st, 2011 at 12:43 pm

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