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It’s Here! New ROBOTC Virtual World!

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Now Available: ROBOTC Virtual World Tech Alpha!  New Features, New Robots, New Planet!

  • New features:  Gripper Arms, Light Sensor,  Touch Sensor, and More
  • Four exciting challenges
  • Unlock and explore the mysterious Planet H98

The Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Academy has updated the ROBOTC Virtual World.  Many new exciting features have been added so your virtual robots can do even more.

You have new sensors: the Touch Sensor and the Light Sensor.  Use the Touch Sensor to detect if your robot has collided with a wall or object.  The Light Sensor measures the light bouncing off the ground, so you can use it to follow lines.

New Touch and Light Sensors

New Touch and Light Sensors

There are now four challenges to for your robots.  In the Labyrinth Challenge, you must avoid knocking over the obstacles on your way to the finish line.  You can use the new Light Sensor to follow the lines leading to the finish line in the updated Maze Challenge.

The Race Track Challenge tests your skill at maneuvering the robot.  You’ll need to complete a figure 8 around the track and avoid the obstacles to gain the achievement.

Don’t miss the new Gripper Challenge.  Your robot will automatically be equipped with a gripper that can grab objects and move them around.  Command your robot to pick up the Robot Academy figurine and drop it off at the target.  It’s trickier than it sounds!

Gripper Attachement

Gripper Attachement

After you’ve completed the Training Table, venture on to Planet H99.  Explore the different areas like the Astronaut Camp and the Container Yard.  We’ve even added a cool new robot, the Mini-Rover.  It’s a bit tricky to control, so you’ll need to be smart about how you write your programs!

But what is this rumor of a new planet?  You’ll need to solve all four Training Table Challenges and find the Teleport Pad in Planet H99.   Then you’ll be able to explore a cool new planet for yourself!

Mini Rover in Front of the Portal

Mini Rover in Front of the Portal

Besides all the cool new content in ROBOTC Virtual Worlds, you’ll also notice an improved interface.  You now start your code inside the Virtual World window, so you won’t have to switch back and forth.  Of course your favorite ROBOTC features are  available: command highlighting, drag-and-drop function from the function bar, and the real-time debugger.

New Controls

New Controls

You can download the new installer on the Planet H99 site.   Share your cool Virtual World stories and get help on the ROBOTC Planet H99 Forum.

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