Dancing VEX robot: Bear Bot [Team 4542]


Thanks to magiccode from the forums for posting this!


Our robotics team made a semi-humanoid dancing VEX robot with a holonomic drive in place of legs. It has full range of motion in both arms and two planes of motion in its head. It can bend at the waist, and strafe or turn in any direction.

It dances. plays the piano and beats little kids up. He is an all around entertainer. We only had about a day to program him, so bear with us… pun intended”


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There were 3 “cool” things that were done with ROBOTC:

  1. The robot mimics the movements of a human arm which is holding the VexNet joystick or Vex accelerometer. This will not work in all directions if the joytick is being used because the joystick lacks a z-axis, but it will work in all directions if the accelerometer is being used.
  2. There were too many motors to be controlled by one cortex, so we linked two together by running a male to male pwm wire from the digital output port of one to the digital input port of the other.
  3. Programming was made easier by writing a function called moveServo(). The function would accept 3 parameters: the servo to move, the position to which it should move, and the amount of time it should take (does not take into account changes in battery power)


moveServo(tMotor servoName, int posToMove, int timeToTake);

How it works

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Written by Vu Nguyen

March 1st, 2011 at 10:18 am