Communicating with the Magnetic Field Sensor

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DiMastero, one of the new forum regulars has come up with a very novel way to use the new HiTechnic Magnetic Field Sensor; to relay messages by varying an NXT motor’s magnetic field. One position is set as a binary 0 and the opposite position is a 1.  The user can set the angle of the reference motor to 0-255 degrees (8 bits). The angle is then sent to the sensor using a “communication” motor and read by the sensor.  The NXT then copies the relayed angle to the other motor.  It’s a pretty cool way to use this sensor!

Check out the video below.

YouTube Direct Link 

The code for this project is available at the original article: [LINK].

Written by Xander Soldaat

December 30th, 2010 at 1:53 am