Avoider/Climber robot

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Thanks DiMastero for posting this!

For those of us who have encountered obstacles with our robots that always seem to derail our current path, you will appreciate this robot.

DiMastero has figured out a way to solve our woes dealing with unleveled ground.

Presenting… the Avoider/Climber robot…

Side View


Side view 2




It’s programmed to first drive forwards, until one of the bumpers is pressed. It then stops the wheel at that sensor’s side, and spins the other one until it’s pressed too, making sure it’s at a 90° angle from whatever is in front of it. The next thing it does is check the US sensor. If the distance to the object is less than 9 cm, it knows the obstacle is too high to climb, goes backwards and turns approximately 90°. When the sonar sensor’s value is below 9 cm, though, the middle motor, with the claw, turns a full turn, to hop the bot onto the platform. The avoider/ climber can do all of that in any order, enabling it to survive in a labyrinth with different floor levels, for example. The programming was done on RobotC.

Below is a video of it doing it’s thing:

YouTube Direct Link 

I’m open to any questions or suggestions for improvement.


Written by Vu Nguyen

November 24th, 2010 at 10:16 am

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