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ROBOTC for CORTEX & PIC 2.30 Available

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The Robotics Academy is happy to announce the release of ROBOTC for Cortex and PIC 2.30. The Robotics Academy has done incredible amounts of testing and modifying to make the user’s experience with Cortex as seamless as possible. Numerous improvements have been made to the communication system from your computer to the Cortex over the direct USB link – Downloads are faster and more reliable. Upgrade your version of ROBOTC today!

ROBOTC for CORTEX & PIC Download Area

For the really curious, here’s the changelog:

Major Fixes:

  1. Now uses Master Firmware 2.6 and lots of improvements to significantly improve communication when downloading Firmware/User Programs. Users will have to upgrade Master Firmware and ROBOTC firmware before using Version 2.30.
  2. New ROBOTC Live Start Page – Based off of the Blog Feed.
  3. VEX Cortex firmware now includes “Cortex Default Code” behavior when initially downloaded. Sending a new program to the Cortex will erase this default code. Users can restore default code by reinstalling ROBOTC firmware or loading the program from the “Default Code” sample program folder.

Minor Fixes:

  1. No more silent failure when trying to download via serial cable and no response. Also enabled the new “Query1″ command that works with Game Controller and prints useful diagnostic information — it’s where the “silent” failure is caught.
  2. When “USB Wired Cable #1″ is selected in “Preferences -> Platform” blanks were being displayed. This has been corrected.
  3. Fix VEX PIC “autonomous” variable so that it reports the correct value. This fixes the PIC competition template.
  4. Legacy 75 MHz transmitters on VEX Cortex values for Ch 5 and 6 were reversed. This has been fixed.
  5. Fix some broken direct references to values rather than use of function call to calculate flash file system size and max number of files in flash.
  6. Correct definition of VEX firmware files — they were missing trailing “.BIN”. “Download last firmware file” menu command enhanced to show “NONE” if no firmware file has been previously downloaded and command is disabled. Improve error message when failed to load from disk a firmware file — message is now more explicit.

Written by Vu Nguyen

October 15th, 2010 at 10:17 am

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