Updated ROBOTC Support for VEX Competitions

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competition templateAre you part of a team that competes in VEX Robotics Competitions? If so, we’ve just released updated support documents that will help guarantee your success when you get to the field:

  • Firmware Inspection using ROBOTC
  • Firmware Inspection using the IFI Loader
  • Testing Robots using the 75 MHz Crystals
  • Testing Robots using the VEXnet Upgrade
  • Using the ROBOTC Competition Templates
  • Complete ROBOTC Software Inspection Guide (11 MB)

If you’re not part of the VEX Robotics Competitions, get involved! You can find out more information through the CMU Robotics Academy and VEX Robotics.

As always, you can also find support on the support pages and forums, too.

Written by Jesse Flot

February 22nd, 2010 at 11:23 am