LEGO NXTShot 2.0 – Cannon controlled by Mindsensors remote

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[Correction: updated description]

Here’s another neat video that Tim found. It features a joystick that you can use to point its “missile shooter” towards a target. Here’s the description:

NXTShot 2.0 is lego NXT model cannon. Its targeting is driven in realtime by a Mindsensors Acceleration Sensor mounted on a remote. Its firing mechanism is powered by springs from old BIC pens. It has an innovative homing system that sets the limits for turning and inclining using a single light sensor. It has an onscreen menu system that uses a voice to give feedback on selections. It is programmed in ROBOTCC.
I have made plans of NXTShot using Google SketchUp and the fantastic NXT components provided by Payton White (see More pictures of NxtShot can be found at

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December 14th, 2009 at 10:55 am

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