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VEXnet Upgrade Support

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VEXnet Upgrades

VEXnet is an 802.11 WiFi replacement for the crystal-based communication system between the VEX Microcontroller and Radio Control Transmitter. The VEXnet Upgrade enables users to convert existing Microcontrollers and Transmitters to the VEXnet communication system.

Additional VEXnet features include:

  • Easy to connect (No IP addresses, MAC addresses, or passwords)
  • Multiple layers of security built-in and always on
  • No wireless access point needed; each VEXnet pair makes its own private network
  • Hundreds of robots can operate at once; every VEXnet robot has a hidden unique ID
  • Optional tether for wired communication
  • Two user selectable channels and one private channel for competitions
  • Optional 9V battery backup to maintain wireless link during a main 7.2V power loss
  • LED scheme displays the status of the Robot, VEXnet link, and Game (Competition Mode)

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November 25th, 2009 at 12:37 pm

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