rc_icon_newThe Robotics Academy is proud to announce the arrival of ROBOTC for Mindstorms 2.0. This new version of ROBOTC is coming almost a year after the release of ROBOTC for Mindstorms 1.40. ROBOTC 2.0 adds a lot of new feature and functionality to the popular programming language for LEGO NXT robots.

ROBOTC for LEGO MINDSTORMS is a ANSI-C based programming language for the MINDSTORMS NXT and RCX robotic systems. ROBOTC offers users a common programming language across different popular robotic platforms; with a unique powerful run-time debugger that give a user complete feedback on all input, outputs, and variables in their programs.

New Features in ROBOTC 2.0:
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  • Tabbed Programming Interface – Multiple programs can be open at a single time.
  • New Hardware Support – Support for PITSCO’s TETRIX Programming Language
  • New Competition Support – ROBOTC is an approved programming language for the FIRST Tech Challenge competition.
  • “Live Start Page” – Feature allows users to keep in touch with the latest news and updated from the ROBOTC community.
  • More Sample Programs – Over 150 new and updates samples programs now included with ROBOTC
  • Updated User Interface – Updated and modernized ROBOTC’s user interface, with floating and dockable debugger windows.
  • Improved Debugger – ROBOTC’s debugger can now control motors and servo individually, as well as provide easy-to-use debugging information for users.
  • NXT Remote Control – NXT users can now send joystick data from their PC to their robots using a Logitech USB game controller.
  • Improved Help System – Now includes sample usage of functions, as well as references to sample programs.
  • Upgraded Motor and Sensor Setup Wizard– Easier to configure different types of sensors and motor features, such as PID and encoders. Includes easy configuration for TETRIX controllers as well.
  • FREE UPGRADE for existing ROBOTC users – Any user of ROBOTC 1.x can upgrade to ROBOTC 2.0 for free! All existing licenses will work with ROBOTC 2.0!

ROBOTC 2.0 is available from for only $30 for a single user license. Classroom and site licenses are available also. Visit to download today.

Written by Vu Nguyen

November 17th, 2009 at 5:58 pm

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